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Pond Road Project is a space for music, lyrics, collaboration & responsible humanity, featuring the musical projects of Jay Segel. Pond Project is known for its smooth pop, poignant lyrics and infectious melodies.

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The newest project, A World Of Different People (Human To Human) celebrates our diverse Individual beauty, calls for non-violent change & harmony, wrapped in the medicine of music! This song represents the work of many talented musicians, recording tech professionals, industry leaders like Sweetwater Studios and Breedlove Guitars and is for the benefit of Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and designated as an officially recognized event for this amazing humanitarian non-profit!

Learn more about all the amazing artists and corporate partners who have contributed to this project.

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"A World of Different People (Human to Human)"  a musical collaboration, song written and produced by Jay Segel for the Benefit of Doctors Without Borders Expected release day 10/19/2020 

10/18/20 Tune In MVY Radio Interview with Laurel Redington "The Vineyard Current" on 88.7 FM October 18, 2020 at 10am with Jay Segel, LISTEN >

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 A World Of Different People 
(Human To Human) Fundraiser 

Sponsoring A World Of Different People (Human To Human) Fundraiser by Jay Segel to benefit Doctors Without Borders.

Perhaps the best things about being human are our abilities to change, opportunities to grow and capacity to care. To that end, this song was written to speak to our individual humanity and the collective consciousness.” - Jay Segel