Below are various interviews for Pond Road Project lastest song release "A World of Different People" for the Benefit of Doctors Without Borders


MV TIMES - Can’t we all just get along?

Vineyard songwriter pens a song for the times.

MV Times By Geoff Currier  -

Last fall, Dr. Jay Segel of West Tisbury was visiting his wife’s parents’ home on the banks of the La Touvre river in the southwest of France. Segel is a singer and songwriter, and says that he’ll often bring his guitar out in a rowboat, where he’ll peacefully drift on the river while breathing in the inspiration of this special place. “I’m always in touch with my creativity there, in that environment,” Segel says. “It’s my home away from home, where I’m free from the rigors of daily life.”

Photo by Jeremy Driesen


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TANK TALK Interview hosted Bob Tankard on  11/5/2020

With Jay Segel, Barbara Dacey and Craig Tankard (CJ Anthony) to discussed the release of the new song by Pond Road Project collaborating with 17 artists for the benefit of Doctors Without Borders